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Social, emotional, behavioural support
and counselling services
for children, young people and their families.

Teacher and Student

The Ladder Group team provides high quality person-centred counselling and support for children, young people and their families that need a little extra help to be their best.

Working in partnership with schools, community organisations, charities and health professionals our emotional, behavioural and counselling services can be delivered at the point of need for:

  • children and young people throughout their educational life

  • parents and family members

  • schools, public and private sector organisations and their employees

The Ladder Group team consists of professionally qualified and experienced practitioners including educationalists, psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers and other therapeutic specialists with expertise in a full range of settings.


Our team are experienced in supporting children, young people, families and colleagues through a wide range of challenges including:​

Anxiety   OCD   Low self-esteem    Depression

Phobias and potential eating disorders    Body issues, gender & sexuality

Social anxiety   interpersonal / relationship issues

Trauma    Loss and bereavement

Emotional regulation and behaviour management

Special Educational Needs

Leadership and HR issues


Our talking therapies are confidential, person-centred and bound by the same professional standards as education and health practitioners. Our support involves an integrated and holistic therapeutic approach that is needs led and can include:

  • Well-being and psychological training and education

  • Mindfulness and positive psychology strategies.

  • Parental coaching and advocacy to develop self-management and coping strategies.

  • Solution and behaviour-focused therapies e.g CBT

  • Transactional analysis, psychodynamic and humanistic psychotherapies

  • Creative, play and art psychotherapy strategies

  • Functional behavioural assessments and interventions in support of engagement, socialization and learning.


If you would like to make use of our support and services please:

  1. Make an initial contact using the email address below.

  2. To start the process we will invite you for a free informal assessment meeting. We aim to contact you and set this up within 3 days of your initial email.

  3. If we agree to work together we will begin our support by reviewing your circumstances and completing our referral form. See below for the referral form.

  4. After concluding our review of your circumstances we will begin a needs assessment and the development of a support plan. Please download and read 'The Ladder Group Process - how we work with parents and schools' below.

Please note:

  • our support is dependant on the successful completion of our assessment process.

  • as a Person-Centred service we prioritise working face to face with our clients.


Contact us at:


Referral form for parents and schools

Our Client contract.

The LG process - how we work with parents and schools.

A letter for parents and schools about our services.

A letter for parents about the support we provide.

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