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We rise by lifting others.

Robert G. Ingersoll (1833–1899)


Personal and family support and counselling services. 

Our work speaks for itself.


What families say about our support…..

  • I had almost given up on being able to get any help for my child & I didn't really know what she needed & by this point was pretty much willing to give anything a try. The Ladder Group staff seemed to completely understand & empathise with the situation and our issues. It was the first time that I felt that someone really got us as a family & whatever they’re doing it seems to be working!

  • The Ladder Group have been amazing. We feel blessed to have crossed paths.

  • All my concerns & anxieties went as soon as I'd met Ladder Group staff. They went out of their way to make me feel welcome & comfortable.

  • My husband and I completely related to the Ladder Group and their methods. They were clear, direct and explained everything perfectly.

  • I was made aware of the different stages of the referral that would need to be in place before a member of the team could start working with my daughter. That initially the meetings with her would build relationship, form a foundation of trust on which to help her and indeed give insight into the best way to help her.

  • As a parent it was the first time I felt that I was listened to.

  • I felt confident that Lee knew his team well and was committed to matching my daughter with a member of his team that would meet her needs. He explained the different types of approaches/therapies that can be used.

  • The Ladder Group cares and it’s not just a slogan, they truly care about the work they are doing and for the families they are helping.

  • I love the individual/tailored & personal approach. It's almost like you've been welcomed into Lee & Melanie's family. And it's great that they're so quick to respond.

  • As a parent I have felt fully informed. My daughter has quickly settled and got to know the counsellor assigned to her and is engaging well as a result.

  • Immediate support offered which was much appreciated. Time given to get to know him and put him at ease, gain his trust. In the future, strategies to help him cope.

What schools and colleges say about our support .......

  • Each member of the Ladder group care so much. You experience their genuine empathy and desire to help you. Ladder Group leaders came into school to introduce the counsellor who would be working with us – a quick and effective way to establish working relationships. In addition, they asked me and my staff to give our view of the child's issues and they clearly valued us as professionals working alongside them. Their discussions with SENCO and other staff have been really supportive as has their CPD in specialised areas.

  • The Ladder Group respect the professional opinion of our school staff.

  • So much collective experience and knowledge instils trust from the first meeting.

  • The Ladder Group have a clear empathy with schools and the communities they serve. They delivered on their aim of responding within 3 days and in fact were in my office to discuss the referral within 48 hours. A huge relief after struggling to get support for a complex case and a parent who is reluctant to engage.

  • Always respond quickly this is the first service we have used that does this so effectively.

  • I was amazed by the speed at which the Ladder Group was available to us for support.

  • The service is quick and offers a rapid response to need.

  • I had a response with 24 hours of my request. Astounding.

  • The Ladder Group left me feeling supported knowing my student would be getting effective support.

  • I was reassured about the process and Ladder Group staff also demonstrated their commitment to work in partnership with schools and existing support providers. 

  • I was given time to explain my pupils situation. I felt listened to.

  • The Ladder group offers a great service - we need to expand this type of support in order to offer earlier intervention and reduce onward referrals as a lack of early support causes cases to become more complex and harder to tackle.

  • I have found the Ladder Group to be very efficient and supportive.

  • The Ladder Group is filling a huge gap in services and the response from initial contact to working with families is very quick unlike other services.

  • I know the experience Ladder team have and feel they offer a better level of support than CAMHS

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